Mark L Bradley
May 1 at 6:46pm

I am not trying to start crap but if you support medicinal marijuana, or even full legalization we must unite. I have been to Frankfort 3 times and each time the people i ran into lobbying for us were all from ky4mm. We can have as many pages and such but we all must have one in common and it needs to be ky4mm. We are lobbying on a regular basis for us all but we need support of all to get anything accomplished. This last session we got our bill further than any marijuana bill has been and i feel confident with a consolidation of groups we can win next session as we need more than just our group calling for them to recognize change. It is baby steps to this point because we are split but if everyone will follow my lead we will win. There is no doubt in my mind. Its all about unity especially when dealing with government bs.
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Mark L Bradley facebook page for ky4mm is Kentuckians for medicinal marijuna
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Sheree Krider Yeah, I admin that group too. And I feel what you are saying. But as far as I am concerned, REPEAL is the only safe way to go for the people to be free of prosecution from “marijuana law” – even if it IS legalized. Look what is happening in Canada, and in “legal” states such as Colorado….if it isn’t the state prosecuting for some ridiculous reason it’s the Feds RAIDing dispensaries and patients. Do you really want to deal with that just to have a written law on the books that says “medical marijuana” is legal? I BELIEVE IN MEDICAL MJ also – I have used it most of my life. But I also believe in our right to freedom from persecution of a plant….. ANY plant….If they can take one plant out of our garden they can take them all and that isn’t acceptable. If they told you it was illegal to grow corn and green beans on your property, or CATNIP, or OREGANO, what would you think? It is perfectly fine for Pharma’s to make meds out of this plant – IT IS NOT FINE FOR THEM TO TELL ME I CAN’T HAVE IT IN MY GARDEN…and if they do legalize MJ in Ky that is what will happen if we keep on with it in the way we are now. Have you noticed what they are doing with hemp legalization? A corp came in and bought up property and is going to plant hemp on it. NOT our farmer’s….http://kentuckymarijuanaparty.org/…/179-polaris… LET KENTUCKY BE THE FIRST STATE TO DO IT RIGHT! Oh yeah, I forgot – they decided to let Veterans “plant the seed”…..http://kentuckymarijuanaparty.org/…/179-polaris… Think about all this and let me know what everyone wants!
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